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Charter Spectrum can provide the kind of home entertainment that your entire family can benefit from. With thousands of choice programming options and a ton of features, you can watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch them. The best way to make sure this programming is there for you is the Charter Cable DVR.

A DVR is a digital video recorder that can be set to record all of your prime-time programming, sports games, movies, sitcoms, reality shows and children’s programming. Even if you get home hours after your cable TV programming comes on, you can still get every exciting minute of the action, drama or comedy. The best part is that with a DVR, you can completely control the programming. The DVR enables you to rewind, pause and fast forward through your shows or even watch them two or three times if you like before deleting them to record something else. With a DVR, you never have to go without or worry about missing your show again.

The DVR is user-friendly, even for those that are technically challenged. It provides easy access to programming 24/7 through an Interactive Program Guide. This guide is a sure way to find all of your On Demand movies and programs, as well as your recorded programming and the live action events you can get through Charter Pay Per View. With all of your desired programming on one simple menu, you can find anything you want to find in seconds. The Charter Spectrum DVR can literally put your programming world at your fingertips.

With the DVR, you can record a season’s worth of programming just by setting your device to record one time. You won’t have to worry about trying to remember to set your DVR to record the same show every week. With this feature, you can get every episode, especially the finale that leaves you hanging until the coming season. It is the perfect device for busy families that can’t always guarantee to get home at the same time every night.

The Charter Spectrum DVR can work with the programming schedule you already have. If there are two different shows on at the same time that you want to catch, you can watch one while you are recording the other one at the same time. You can also watch a recorded show while you record up to two shows in live airing. This means you are covered, no matter what you want to watch or what is playing.

The DVR even has you covered when you want a family night with the new movie release. Just tune in to your On Demand service and you can record another show that is playing at the same time. You can use the controls on your DVR for rewinding, pausing and fast forwarding through your new movie release, adding more control and convenience to your viewing experience. No matter how many times the phone rings, or even if you have to leave to get more popcorn, you can always get the instant replays or just fast forward to the parts you really want to see. Your DVR is your one-stop shop for fast, affordable and fun home entertainment.

It is as easy as hitting the red record button on your remote control. When you push the red button, you get access to a menu that gives you all the different options for recording to your DVR hard drive. It’s simple and quick and more convenient than using a VCR. While you may have had the VCR longer, you’ve also had all those dusty tapes that take up storage space. With a DVR, you never have to worry about needing a lot of storage room again. Charter Communications offers some of the best entertainment options available!

With up to four DVRs per household, you can get all you need to provide an enriching and entertaining viewing environment for your family. Don’t worry about the content you may be exposing your children to because the DVR provides Parental Controls that block entire channels or specific shows. You never have to worry about what they are watching, even if you aren’t home. The Parental Controls make sure your rules are enforced.

This is a great device that really adds to your home viewing environment. Find out what you can do with your own Charter Spectrum DVR for a complete home viewing package.

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