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Charter Spectrum Internet® Security Service

Charter Cable provides a high-speed broadband internet experience that can be used for home work and school reports, bill pays plus online shopping and banking. The higher speeds and secure connections can also provide you with optimum conditions for online gaming and streaming or downloading of HD content on programming and videos. This provider offers this service with WiFi that can support several devices at one time. This allows your family members to connect with their laptops, tablets, smartphones or gaming devices so that everyone in the home can surf, shop, game and do their banking from the device they are most comfortable, all at the same time.

With this one service, you can forego the long, late nights spent at a public internet access for school research or even basic email checking and chatting. You can also avoid the early morning scramble to get the check in the mail or the drop box before the bill is due or you are late for work. You can even use your home internet service to get a jump on your holiday shopping or to buy that last minute gift you forgot when you were at the store the last time.

With Charter Spectrum Internet, all of your online needs can be met and you can surf, shop, network, socialize and stream content or play lists until your heart is content. However, just as with purchasing something in public, the internet can be a place where identity thieves can come across your personal information and use it for their own purposes. If you are concerned with online fraud or identity theft and you want to make sure your personal information is as secure as possible, you will be relieved to know about the Charter Security Suite. With online access and readily-available security, you can have a better, safer online environment for yourself and your children.

The Charter Communications Security Suite can provide you with safeguards that help protect your device and credit rating from online threats. These threats can come in the form of spyware, viruses, trojans, worms, zero-hour attacks and root kits. While it is protecting your device and good name, it also updates automatically. This automatic renewal continues for the entirety of your services through Charter Spectrum.

With Charter Spectrum, you can enjoy a high speed internet service with optimized running options on your Security Suite. The program works in the background and automatically removes any threats it detects. This detection and removal include all known and secretly installed threats. You don’t have to look for these threats. The Security Suite does that for you. Your system will continue to run during updates, threat removal and notifications that let you know something was removed. You never have to worry about this service being complicated or hard to operate. There is minimal to zero effort required from you and your devices and good name stay safe.

The Security Suite also comes with a firewall that helps block hackers from getting into your hard drive without your permission. This is the DeepGuard 4 feature and it makes sure that there are layers of protection against you and any online threats.

The Charter Spectrum Security Suite can also provide protection that tells you which web sites are safe and which ones are dangerous. This feature allows you to bank, shop and donate online with more confidence. You can use the Launch Pad feature that puts you at the control screen for your Security Suite so you can customize and update your settings as needed.

These features can be a benefit for any home. However, you know that as a parent, your job is never done, so Charter Communications has also provided a set of Parental Controls in with the Security Suite. This ensures that your online rules are enforced, even when you aren’t home or busy on the phone. You can set them so that there are time restrictions so that homework gets done before playtime. You can also use them to monitor online activities to stay informed on who your children are networking with online. For the younger children, you can even use these controls to block the sites you don’t want them on. You don’t have to chase them around the house or look over their shoulders every minute they stay online.

The Charter Cable Security Suite is easy to use and provides safety that can benefit the entire family. It is a completely free service that adds value to your home internet package.

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