Charter Spectrum Internet®!

  • Bandwidth to support more devices than other Internet providers
  • Starting at 60 Mbps – 10X faster than standard DSL and 5X faster than AT&T U-Verse DSL
  • Simultaneously stream videos, download music and more without sacrificing Internet performance
  • Great for surfing, e-mail, downloading music, uploading photos, streaming videos, watching movies, online gaming and transferring large files
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Charter Spectrum Internet®

If you are currently a DSL or Dial Up internet customer, you may have already discovered the unreliable speeds that are no where near as fast as broadband internet services. If you have a desire to go faster than you have ever surfed before, or to explore the online world of MMORPG games, you will need to make the switch to broadband services as soon as possible. Broadband can offer more speed, more reliable services and better pricing than more traditional forms of internet, including DSL, satellite and Dial Up.

Charter Spectrum Internet services are pure broadband, with up to 30 Mbps to provide you with pure speed. You can go faster than you have ever gone before to get to your online profiles, to play those incredible MMORPG games and to navigate through your social sites. You can also download or stream your online HD content and your play lists. If you want to upload your home videos and pictures, Charter Spectrum provides as much as 4 Mbps to do your uploading with. Charter Communications provides an amazing value that can help you stay on budget while you enjoy faster, more reliable internet. When its time to act like a grown-up, you can even use this service to pay your bills online and to do your banking and shopping online. With one service, you can get your online entertainment while you take care of your monthly obligations.

Charter Spectrum Internet provides a free internet modem so you don’t have to worry about having to buy expensive equipment. With the modem, you can get a router for WiFi services that allow you to connect from your gaming console, your tablet, your laptop or your smartphone. If your router ever needs replacing, Charter Cable will replace it for free. This is more economical for your family and helps you avoid unexpected expenses that can cut into your savings. Charter Spectrum Internet with WiFi is able to support several wireless devices at one time so you never have to worry about slow services when your family is all on at the same time.

The wireless service offered by Charter Spectrum Internet works with the app offered by Charter Spectrum TV so that you can even watch your Charter Cable programming from your device, from any room in the house. This means more access to the hundreds of channels that Charter offers, with the ability to use your device as a remote, providing two functions from one provider. You can use the Charter Spectrum Internet service to watch your shows from the kitchen, the porch or even in the basement. You don’t have to stay tied to the television in the living room. You can go anywhere within WiFi range so you are not limited by physical space. Charter provides true internet freedom at a truly affordable rate.

To make sure your internet services stay as fast and effortless as possible, Charter Spectrum Internet has included online security and online Parental Controls. The Charter Spectrum Security Suite can help you protect your children from mature content by allowing you to block websites. You can do this by category, the time of day and even the age of your children. This will give you the necessary peace of mind as they take their tablets from room to room, outside of your view. Parental Controls make sure your rules are enforced, even when you aren’t home. You can adjust these controls as your children as they grow so they can access age-appropriate sites as they age. The Charter Spectrum Security Suite can also block access to your email so that spammers and phishers can’t gain access for identity theft. With Charter, you can install this service on as many as three computers at one time, allowing for your devices to be safe without having to pay tons more to keep them safe.

Charter Spectrum Internet services are reliable and fast. However, if anything were ever to go wrong, Charter Communications provides technical support 24/7. You will never be left alone to solve a confusing technical problem by yourself. Charter Spectrum is there to help.

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‡To qualify for Free DVR Service, customers must be new customers and purchase a qualifying triple play offer.
  • Qualifying Triple Play Offers include: Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver and Triple Play Gold.
  • To be eligible for the free service customers must lease a Charter DVR set-top box.
  • Services not available in all areas. Restrictions apply.