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Charter Spectrum TV can provide an entire family with quality viewing selections that are age-appropriate, entertaining and even educational. These selections can be viewed in stunning HD clarity, with brilliant Surround Sound audio that can bring everything you watch to life. You can enjoy these selections on your schedule with the use of a DVR or HD-DVR for recording and play back on every game, movie, show, cartoon, documentary and reality show your programming package can provide. All of these options make having Charter Communications as your provider one of the best choices you could make for home entertainment. How could it get any better?

The only way it could get better is with the addition of the Charter Spectrum app for viewing programming on your mobile device. All you need is your mobile device, the free Charter Spectrum app and a high-speed internet service that can deliver the kind of solid WiFi connection that can support several devices at the same time. Charter Cable can provide the internet service you need as well. The app allows you to watch something from your channel selection or enjoy something from the On Demand menu. You can also use it to manage your DVR/HD-DVR recordings and to look over the digital on-screen channel guide.

The Charter Spectrum App works with a tablet or smartphone. The app can also double as a remote control so you can watch programming on your device or change the channel from your current position. This app gives you access to more than 100 channels from your programming package, so you can watch all of your regular channels and favorite shows. This app makes it easier for everyone in the home to get the programming they want, when they want it. You children don’t have to fight over the remote and the TV anymore and you don’t have to wait until everyone else is in bed to watch the programming you’ve been waiting to see. You can send them to their rooms with their devices or you can go to your room with yours.

With the Charter Cable TV App, you can customize your personal viewing experience for your personal device. Just log on through the easy log on screen, then swipe through selections so that you can see the available titles. If you don’t see the selection you want, you can sort the available programming by alphabetical order, either A through Z or Z through A. When you are finished looking through selections, you can also go to a different menu with the BACK button. You can also customize your viewing experience by making separate panels. For example, you can make a panel for your favorite selections and make a panel for your children. That way, the two lists never get crossed or confused and you don’t have to worry about your children being exposed to adult content if they ever need to use your device to watch one of their programs.

The Charter Spectrum App easily provides a way to get all of your favorites without having to scroll through more than a hundred channels or even several. You can add all of your favorite shows to a Favorites list with a simple tap of a button. If you don’t see something you want to mark as a favorite, you can search for the selection by using the genre, title of the show or an actor or actress playing in it. If you still don’t see what you are looking for, you can choose the Browse All option that allows you to widen your search or to choose something from a larger list. The Charter Communications TV app gives you information on previous and current episodes. It can provide titles that are in the same genre or style of shows that your favorites are in. The app will also provide information on the cast and crew of a specific show and give you photos for still previews of a show.

It is the perfect companion for viewing programming from your mobile device, even if you have several in the same household. Charter Spectrum provide everything you need to get a satisfying home viewing experience from your television or mobile device. Everything you want is just a click away.

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‡To qualify for Free DVR Service, customers must be new customers and purchase a qualifying triple play offer.
  • Qualifying Triple Play Offers include: Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver and Triple Play Gold.
  • To be eligible for the free service customers must lease a Charter DVR set-top box.
  • Services not available in all areas. Restrictions apply.