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Talking on the phone is a lost art. Now a day, phone calls are short and seem to be a nuisance and text messaging is the most convenient means of communication. With shared minutes and expensive up charges from cell phone providers when you make a phone call you feel very limited.

When you get a home phone line through your communication services provider, you no longer have this problem. Talking on the phone is fun again with unlimited local and long distance minutes for extremely low rates. You can talk on the phone for hours and never have to worry about going over in your minutes. You can conserve your cell phone minutes for when you desperately need them on-the-go when you have a home phone.

Cable and Telco providers offer home phones that come with tons of features for your convenience and pleasure. They have your basic call features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling, and Voicemail.

More advanced features with certain providers include Call Forwarding and Call Forwarding Selective which will forward important calls to another number that is more convenient for you, and with Selective you can make the feature exclusive for a select group of phone numbers.

You can also keep your calls secure with features such as Call Screening and Anonymous Call Rejection. Call Screening can keep a certain type of call out of your phone line and Anonymous Call Rejection will automatically reject any number that does not provide identification information.

Other features include Speed Dial, Repeat Dialing, Caller ID Blocking Per Call/Line, and Caller ID with Call Waiting. Speed Dial will allow you to program 8 different numbers onto your phone so that you can dial them with the simple push of one button. Repeat Dialing will continuously call a busy line until the line becomes available for you to get through to. Caller ID Blocking can keep your phone line anonymous when you are making calls. And Caller ID with Call Waiting will show you who is calling you if you are on the line already with another call.

A phone line from your cable provider also means that you can make international phone calls for very low costs. Telco and Cable providers offer packages and deals that come with penny per minute rates, and 300 plus minutes for an extremely low extra rate added onto your monthly plan. You will have access to over 100 different countries so that you can talk to loved ones no matter where they are in the world.

Certain providers even have deals that are targeted toward specific regions around the world.

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When you bundle with your cable providers you can get services for your TV, Internet, and Phone combined into one low monthly rate. When your phone line is connected with your Internet and TV service, you get a ton of extra bonus features.

When you bundle with certain providers you can view your call history and voicemail on your TV. You can also manage your calls on your TV and online at any time. Local providers also offer several mobile phone applications that connect with your home phone line.

Some cable providers also offer you home phones that have enhanced 9-1-1 features to help keep your family safe and secure at all times. Enhanced 9-1-1 features help emergency personnel respond quickly and can even send your home address along with your home phone number when you dial 9-1-1. Some phone lines even work alongside your home security system.

Cable and traditional providers have technicians on call, no pun intended, up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for when you need their assistance immediately.

In a world where our families and friends are spread out all over the map, it’s important to have a reliable and affordable means of communication. There’s nothing like hearing the voice of the important people in your life and it adds a little bit of intimacy to your conversation. With home phone lines from your cable providers, you will have clear calls without the annoyance of constant call drops. You can talk for hours and catch up with those that you don’t have the luxury of seeing everyday.

 Save yourself the money, the hassle, and your cell phone minutes and get a home phone line from your telco or cable provider today!

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