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Xfinity Bundle

$89.99 for the first 12 mos (w/2-yr agrnt)

TV - Over 140 digital cable channels

Internet - Fast downloads speeds

Phone - Unlimited Calling Plans

Xfinity TV

$49.99 a month for 12 months

Over 140 digital cable channels

Easy parental controls

On-screen program guide

Xfinity Internet

$44.99 a month for 12 months

Enjoy Fast Download Speeds

Free Security Suite

Get Email, Music, & Movies Online

Xfinity Voice

Bundle and Save

Unlimited local & long distance calling

Universal Caller ID on your TV and PC

Enjoy 12 popular calling features

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Xfinity from Comcast Bundles TV, Internet, and Phone Services

When you have a single service through a great provider, you can enjoy that service. When you have two or three great services through a great provider, you can enjoy your services, pay two or three bills at one time and reap the benefits of discounted monthly rates. This is what having a Bundled service through a provider like Xfinity is all about.

Xfinity Phone Service

Xfinity offers Double and Triple Play Bundled service packages to give you the services and products you want, at a price your budget can handle. With a simple Bundle, your monthly bill pay options are simplified, as well. And you can pay your single monthly bill online, one time a month, and get back to your life and your family.

The Xfinity service offers television, high-speed internet and digital home phone services that you can't get anywhere else. When you get these three services in your home, you can bundle them to get the best deal for the best rate. This means you can have more money left in your wallet at the end of the month when it really counts.

The Xfinity Bundled services include programming that offers hundreds of channels, a large On Demand and Pay Per View service and DVR/HD-DVR service. The Xfinity by DVR service includes an AnyRoom DVR option that lets you start watching a show in one room and finish it in another room. This option can help you keep your children and your company entertained.

Xfinity Bundles

With Xfinity, you never have to worry about what your children are watching when you are not in the room. Xfinity is a family-friendly provider that offers a wide range of entertaining channels and programs for your children. But, when you are away, you can use the free Parental Controls that come with the DVR or HD-DVR service. You can set these controls to block specific channels or shows you don't want your children to see. So, when you are still stuck in traffic after they get home from school, those Parental Controls are your safeguard against exposure to adult and graphic content. Watch and control TV from your smart phone or tablet with the Xfinity Stream App!

The best part about this programming service is that you can use a high-speed internet service to stream all of your programming to your portable devices from your On Demand menu. You can take this with you to any room in your house or even to the porch or the garage.

Xfinity also provides a high-speed internet experience that other providers can't touch. The Xfinity Internet service can give you as little as 25 Mbps for light to moderate usage, or as much as 105 Mbps for avid gamers, dedicated networkers and parents that need to get their shopping and banking done quickly. These services come with Constant Guard. Constant Guard is an online security service that can help protect your computer or portable device from viruses, bots, trojans and other online threats. This software can also protect against hackers to help safeguard your personal information.

Xfinity Bundle Savings

The Xfinity Voice service can save you tons of money on your annual mobile and home phone bills. With Xfinity, you can have access to local and long distance domestic calling and texting. You can get this on a set rate with calling features that allow you to make and manage your daily calls. Xfinity provides calling features that add convenience to your daily juggling act, features like Caller ID, Caller ID with Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling and more. You might be surprised to find that Xfinity can even give you Caller ID for your television, your smartphone or your laptop. There are so many features and services with Xfinity Voice that you are able to save money on your mobile limits.

You can even use your Xfinity service for International calling. Make calls to all corners of the globe while maintaining your monthly communications budget.

With one provider, you can get exceptional savings on exceptional services by trusting Xfinity. With a Bundled service plan, you have all the options, features and services you need, with the price you are comfortable with.