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Xfinity from Comcast DVR and HD-DVR Deals

Xfinity DVR Service

The addition of a digital video recorder to your current or new Xfinity programming package is the best way for heightened quality and value. With the digital video recorder, or DVR, you are able to record programming from any channel on your programming package. Why pay for something you don't get to enjoy? Use your DVR and you can enjoy all the programming you want to see on a schedule that best suits you.

With a DVR, you can record your programming, then rewind, pause and fast forward through it in a way that is most convenient and exciting for you. The rewind, pause and fast forward features also work for content you view on live channels, making every program, sports game, movie or children's show you watch a great viewing experience.

If you have one of these DVRs, you won't need any extra boxes or the clutter and dust that goes with the extra equipment. This is true, even if you want HD services. One small set-top box can provide the programming and entertainment you need, when you want it.

Xfinity TV DVR Deals

The Xfinity digital video recorder allows you to record a show one time or to record the same show for the entire season. The Series Recording function provides a sure way to make sure you get all of your favorites every time you sit down to watch them. You can set your DVR one time and it will record the entire season, even if the time of the show changes. It's never been easier or more convenient to get the programming you crave. If you have two shows that come on at the same time, the DVR can be set record the show that is most important to you. Just set the priorities section on your DVR and the most important shows will get recorded first, even if someone else sets the DVR for recording.

Wait until you get home every week to watch your shows, or save them on the DVR hard drive and watch your own customized marathons from the comfort and privacy of your couch or bed. With this DVR, you won't have to worry about missing out on your favorites. The DVR gives you up to 90 hours of storage, so you are safe to record your shows and save them for as long as you need to. When you are done, you can simply delete the show to make room on your DVR hard drive for the other programming you won't be home to catch.

Xfinity DVR Offers

Xfinity can provide several different DVRs to meet the individual needs of your family. You can choose the regular DVR, with 80 GB of storage on the hard drive. This device allow you to record one show while you are watching another show. You can also record up to two shows while you watch a recording.

The HD-DVR can give you up to 500GB of storage, or up to 300 hours of storage for standard programming. You can get as much as 60 hours of storage for HD programming. You can record a single show while you watch another show or record two shows while you watch a show you have already recorded. The HD-DVR can provide Dolby Surround Sound, as well.

Finally, Xfinity can also provide TiVo. This service can give DVR technology and function while providing home entertainment from the web and On Demand programming.

These DVR features and services can be the perfect solution for your home entertainment package. When you see what you can have, you won't want to miss it. The DVR can help you optimize your home programming package while making it easier and more convenient than it has ever been to get the programming you want to see on the schedule you have to work. Let Xfinity provide the best home programming you have ever had with the DVR, HD-DVR or a TiVo device.