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Xfinity HD TV Deals from Comcast


Its game day. Your friends are over and you have every chip, dip and snack in the known world. It's time to start the fun. Surrounded by your team mates, with remote in hand, your afternoon is set to be one of the best. How can this get any better? Maybe you should check into HD programming for your next SuperBowl party. HD programming can give you high resolutions for vivid detail, stunning colors and Dolby Surround Sound. You can watch the sports you love with your friends and see it in amazing clarity, all from your living room or man-cave. So, get your HDTV and an HD programming package, set up your speakers for complete surround sound audio and watch your game days go from ok to awesome just by turning your television on.

With Xfinity, you can get the highest resolutions for the sharpest images and most incredible sound. Xfinity currently provides more than 8,000 HD programming selections through its On Demand service, including shows and movies. With such an extensive On Demand library, you can find what you are looking for within minutes. These selections include sports, movies, primetime programming and other viewing selections that provide hours of home entertainment for you and your children. These selections include new movie releases fresh out of Hollywood. This service can save time and money that you would have to spend in line at the movie theater or the movie store, either renting the movies or paying late fees when you forget to return them.

XfinityTV Deals

You can also take advantage of the channels that are HD, accessible through its programming packages and through its online selection. You can enjoy great movies through STARZ HD from the On Demand service, even if they haven't premiered anywhere else yet. This comes to you at no additional HD fees so you have more to enjoy and less to pay for.

If you have an HDTV, you can sign up for the HD programming package of your choice and get great programming. It is easy to install an HD receiver, even for the most technically challenged viewers. With the HD receiver through Xfinity, you can enjoy cinema-like content, even if it is raining or there is other inclement weather. You don't have to wait to get the kind of service and quality you want. Let Xfinity bring it to you so you can get it in your home, on your schedule, within your budget.

Xfinity HDTV Deals

You can have the additional benefit of using the HD-DVR with your HD programming. The HD DVR can help you record your favorite HD programming, then rewind, pause and fast forward through this programming. You can use these functions to make your own instant replays in slow motion or pause the show to get a snack or answer the phone. You can also just fast forward through to the ending to see the winning points or to find out how the episode ends. With this device, you can gain as much as 300 hours of storage for any standard programming you want to record and store, or you can get as much as 60 hours of HD programming recorded for use later. You can use the functions you get from your HD-DVR to rewind, pause and fast forward your programming on live channels, as well as on your On Demand programming, movies and sports.

With Xfinity HD programming, you viewing experiences goes from ok to WOW! You can see better, with amazing clarity that showcases every detail, and Dolby Surround Sound that you can enjoy at its fullest. There are so many things you are missing through standard formatting.

Don't let another football season or new movie release pass you by when you can have all of the quality and high resolutions you could want or need delivered right to your living room, bedroom and/or family room. Let Xfinity provide the quality programming. You bring the popcorn.