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Xfinity Internet Plans from Comcast

Xfinity has several good services to choose from. This includes high-speed internet that is useful for fun and educational purposes. With high-speed wireless internet through Xfinity, your entire family can have it's needs met through one provider, in one secure location- your home.

Xfinity Internet Services

Xfinity Internet offers several different internet packages for your convenience and budget. From the basic package, Economy Plus, all the way to the package with the fastest speeds found on the market, the Extreme 105 package, Xfinity can provide.

The Economy Plus package offers up to 3 Mbps for a light surfing, chatting and research experience. The Performance Starter has up to 6 Mbps so that you have a little more broadband to meet your needs. The Performance package offers 25 Mbps and allows for faster connections between sites, faster downloading on your online content and less lag on your online games.

If you have several users in your home and multiple devices that need access, you may want to try the Blast package. It offers up to 50 Mbps, offering speeds that are suitable for first-person gaming, streaming on HD content and social networking on several sites at one time. Finally, if you feel the need for speed and 50 Mbps just isn't cutting it anymore, you can start with or upgrade to as much as 105 Mbps. This package is for the dedicated gamers and high school students that have to do a lot of research for school projects and homework. With as much as 105 Mbps, your entire family can get online at the same time and experience high-speed broadband internet at its finest. No matter what your home internet needs are, Xfinity has a package and a price that you can fit comfortably into your schedule.

Xfinity High Speed Internet Security

The Xfinity service can help save you time and money by providing the services you need at home for bill pays, shopping, finances and research. You can spend less time at the library or the local movie store and more time at home with your feet kicked up. Connect on your trusty desktop or get online with your tablet, smartphone, laptop or other portable, wifi-enabled device. Xfinity can get you connected and keep you connected for less. Depending on the package you choose, you may be able to take this service with you. Some packages offer the WiFi access you want while you are away from home in the form of WiFi Hotspots at more than 100,000 different locations.

Xfinity wants to keep your family online in a safe, family-friendly environment. It helps you do this with the Constant Guard service for online security. This is a free service for Xfinity Internet customers, but it provides some of the most all-inclusive online protection offered by any provider. It can help protect your passwords, so that you can have the easy one-touch access you deserve to have on your personal device in your home. It helps store and protect passwords to your bank account, your email, your favorite shopping sites and more, making your online experience virtually seamless.

Xfinity High Speed Internet Packages

Constant Guard also provides online protection against phishing, spamming, viruses, bots, trojans and other online threats through the Norton Security Suite. Just to make sure that you are more protected against online identity theft, this service gives you Identity Guard, a service that helps protect you with Lost Wallet Protection, among other things. With Constant Guard, you can even protect your mobile devices with the Constant Guard mobile app. Tablets, smartphones and other devices are just as susceptible to hackers and malware but with Constant Guard, your devices can get the one-touch protection for easy and secure access to your shopping and banking sites.

Through Xfinity, your entire family can enjoy a complete home internet package, no matter what speed you decide on. With one provider, you can get everything you need in a home internet service, all for the price that fits comfortably into your budget.