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Xfinity from Comcast TV On Demand

Xfinity TV On Demand

The On Demand library that Xfinity carries is one of the largest in the home entertainment world. The Xfinity On Demand service can give you thousands of viewing selections you may not get to see otherwise, based on your busy work schedule, helping your teenagers get ready for their prom dates and school recitals and programs. After the last curfew has been checked and the last audience has clapped, you deserve a break. You can use this library to find selections you can watch after you have tucked everyone in bed and kicked your feet up. When everyone is home, you can use these selections to provide your family with on family night. With Xfinity On Demand, you are able to make your decisions on your time, within your budget.

This large library of movies, sports, programs, music videos and children's shows are available for watching from your television, your desktop and from mobile devices like a tablet, laptop or smartphone. This provides complete access to a wide range of selections and features you can use for affordable family fun or for your own private get-a-way.

This versatile service allows you to start on any programming you can find through On Demand. This includes the selections available through premiums on demand and other selections. If you get started on your show, and you find that you won't be able to finish it, you can use the control functionality to pause the show, movie or sporting event to pick it back up later. The On Demand service saves programming that you start for up to 48 hours after you start it. To find your show, you can go to the Saved Programs menu and select the show you want to finish.

Xfinity TV On Demand Deals

You can also get the Saved Programs option for several different rooms at the same time with the AnyRoom On Demand service. This is an additional feature you can add to your On Demand library so that you can start a show in one room and finish it in another.

If your teenagers don't make curfew or you go to see your child perform in the school play and the teacher lets you know that homework hasn't been done, you can always restrict viewing with the Parental Controls. Xfinity provides these controls for On Demand content, as well as for the content you find available through your programming packages and your recorded content. You can use these controls to block channels and specific shows, or programming based on content. You can make sure your viewing rules are enforced, even when you are not home just by setting the controls before you leave. These controls are versatile enough that they can be set and reset and used to provide an appropriate viewing environment for all the age groups in your home. They can also be used to prevent your children from ordering new movie releases that you have to pay for later. With one set of Parental Controls, you can always be assured that your children, even the ones that are grounded, are only watching the content you gave permission for them to see.

Xfinity On Demand Service

If you have a limited number of televisions in your home, or you just need some quiet time for yourself, you can always use your device to sneak off and enjoy a quiet hour. The Xfinity On Demand service can provide thousands of programming options for you to choose from. This service comes to you at absolutely no additional charge, so you pay less to get a complete home viewing service with Xfinity. Just look for the Xfinity TV Remote app. This app gives you access to your online programming while providing you with a feature that allows your device to double as a remote for the television.

When you have this service, you can stay well within your monthly entertainment budget while enjoying the kind of quality programming you look forward to all day.