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Xfinity TV PPV Deals from Comcast

Xfinity TV PPV Services

Pay Per View can provide the live coverage on the exciting action events that you crave. The Pay Per View service can provide hours of On Demand service that is suitable for the entire family. These selections can give you affordable, family-appropriate entertainment that you don't have to break your budget to enjoy. The cost of your Pay Per View selections is clearly stated on your bill, so there is no confusion on when you ordered what and no nasty surprises on the bill. Everything is listed with your regular cable bill, along with your monthly statement.

With Xfinity TV Pay Per View, you have the benefit of enjoying the first run on movies, along with live coverage for wrestling matches, UFC fights, live music concerts, live comedy events and more. These selections are immediately available from the convenience and safety of your couch. These events and first runs can give your entire household hours of entertainment at affordable rates that keep you from spending too much at the movie store, on rentals or late fees. It can also help spare you the expenses that come with going to see events in person.

Xfinity TV PPV Deals

To order something on your Pay Per View service, it's as simple hitting a few buttons on your remote. Find the Menu button two times. Select the Pay Per View events option from the Main Menu. When you see the program you want, press the OK/SELECT button. After this, press the BUY option. That's it. The work is done. From the BUY option, you can press the EXIT option or Main Menu option to go back for other options. Since you could forget, Xfinity provides a reminder that pops up on your screen so that you can get to the television in time to see the beginning of your event or movie. You can order your Pay Per View viewing selections through the remote on your TV, by phone or even online. You aren't limited by limited means of communication. You can get the selections you want to see, when you want to see them.

You never have to worry about your Pay Per View service exposing your children to something you don't want them watching. Xfinity provides Parental Controls that can be set using a pin that only you know. This keeps curious minds away from adult content, even when mom and dad are out of the house. With a little time, these controls can grow with your children, allowing you to adjust the settings so that they can get age-appropriate programming as they mature. These Parental Controls also double as guards to make sure there are no unauthorized purchases on your account. They are the perfect solution to possible exposure and awkward questions later. They can also make sure you stay within your monthly entertainment budget. If you happen to forget your code, you can access your online Xfinity account. Select the TV Online Parental Controls. Choose the I Forgot My Pin option. A new PIN will be emailed to your email address, ensuring no one has access to that new code but you.

Xfinity PPV Offers

When your show comes on, you can use the remote to pause your show, rewind the parts you missed, and fast forward through commercial, even if it's a live action event. These controls help you make instant replays, stop for a snack run or fast forward to the winning shot or the best moment. You can do this at will, so you never have to worry about missing a minute of the action. You get full control of the programming, all on your time.

Pay Per View is a fun and exciting way to get all of the live action sports and music, as well as all the brand new movies you want to get for your home and family. With Xfinity, you can have the full benefit of a great programming package, the benefit of a DVR or HD-DVR and a full lineup of On Demand and Pay Per View selections.