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Xfinity Digital Voice from Comcast

Xfinity Digital Voice Deals

Are you tired of limiting your conversations and your time during your phone conversations? If you are paying for a phone service, shouldn't you be able to use it as often as you like, whenever you have the time to do so? Let Xfinity show you the way to get an affordable home phone service that provides calling and texting services so that you can use the services you are paying for whenever you'd like to use them.

Xfinity won't leave you counting minutes, running to the store to get the calling card you forgot to buy earlier or waiting until nights, weekends and “off-peak” hours. You can count on the same low, flat anytime rate you signed up for anytime you pick up the phone to make your call, no matter how long your conversation is. Whether you need a new home phone service, or you want to make the switch from your current provider, Xfinity can help. With Xfinity Voice, you can keep your current number, and start saving on your local, long distance and International calls.

With one provider, you are able to meet all of your communications needs. Xfinity can give you a single monthly rate for unlimited local and long distance calling that meets the highest standard in call quality.

Xfinity can even give you up to 12 calling features that come already included in the flat monthly rate for your local and nationwide calls. These calling features can help you make and manage all of your local and long distance calls so that you can work them into your schedule instead of trying to work your schedule around them. Enjoy Call Waiting, Caller ID, Caller ID with Call Waiting, Caller ID Blocking Per Call/Line, Call Forwarding, Call Forwarding Selective, Call Screening, Call Return, Anonymous Call Rejection, 3 Way Calling, Speed Dial and Repeat Dialing. The Caller ID can show up on your television, your smartphone or your laptop. This makes for a more convenient and seamless home phone experience. With Xfinity, you can even enjoy the benefits of voicemail, so you won't lack for a complete and affordable home phone service.

Xfinity Phone Deals

These calling features put the power to manage your calls at your fingertips, no matter where they are. You can enjoy your calls or screen and block the calls you don't want to take. The best part is that you don't have to pay extra to get these features. They are already included in the monthly rate.

Through Xfinity, you have the choice of two packages. You can choose the Xfinity Voice Local and More package, with unlimited local calling. You can make long distance calls, get the benefit of voicemail, text messaging and several calling features. This package is for light calling. If you need a full service calling package that can keep up with the teenagers and adults in your life, ask about the Xfinity Voice Unlimited service. It provides unlimited local and nationwide calling with the benefits of calling features and text.

You can also use Xfinity for all of your International calling needs, allowing you to hear the voices of friends and family from all over the world. Depending on your calling needs, you can choose from several different Carefree Minute packages that will provide you with an affordable calling rate. With the right Carefree Minute package, you can use your International minutes for your landline or your mobile phone. Make your calls to Japan, Italy, Vietnam, Bermuda, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Honduras and more. No place is outside of your reach with Xfinity's Voice service.

With one provider, you are able to put all of your concerns for local, long distance and International calling to rest. You can use the service you want , when you want to use it, and get the kind of quality and usage you deserve. It's your money, so get the usage you pay for, when you want to use it with Xfinity. Get the Xfinity Bundle for more savings!