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Xfinity TV from Comcast

Xfinity TV Deals

You know that Xfinity has more to offer than other providers, but do you know what that is? Xfinity provides a wide range of services for its customers. These services keep you connected, entertained and informed, working with your smart TV and other wireless devices. When you need a home entertainment provider, don't overlook the quality of the latest, most innovative services that Xfinity can provide.

Xfinity delivers hundreds of channels and thousands of viewing selections through On Demand and Pay Per View. You can choose to watch something you just saw on the digital on-screen channel guide, or you can make your own customized viewing lineup with the use of a DVR or HD-DVR. Xfinity makes it simple to get the incredible, action-packed lineup you want and need.

The viewing quality doesn't change, whether you get digital standard or HD formatting. Xfinity can work with the television and services you need. If you have an HDTV, you can enjoy the stunning and life-like clarity that comes through Xfinity HD TV channels. This service can put you in the stadium, audience or arena without the expensive ticket prices. These are just some of the benefits that Xfinity can bring you.

Xfinity TV Deals

With Xfinity TV, you have the exciting option of 3D TV. You don't have to go to the theater to get the viewing excitement you want. Xfinity is one of the only providers to give you a library of 3D programming. This library includes sports and sporting events from ESPN 3D. It also includes movies and television shows. This library is growing to give 3D customers more to view and more to enjoy.

Your customized viewing experience can include all of your sports, news, movies and programming on your time. You can make a customized lineup for your self or your children so that everyone has what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. Xfinity offers as much as 90 hours of recording time for your personal favorites on the DVR and even more on the HD-DVR. You can even take advantage of the AnyRoom DVR so that you can record and start viewing in one room and finish viewing in another room.

Xfinity can provide you with the Xfinity Stream app that puts your programming in the palm of your hand. With one app you are able to use your mobile device to check television listings and set your DVR to record from a remote location. This app puts all of your On Demand programming at your fingertips for a satisfying home viewing experience that can go with you to your room, the porch or the garage.

Xfinity TV Offers

On Demand can provide new movie releases and thousands of other programming options. Find movies on demand from premium movie channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and STARZ. The movies and selections these channels have to offer can keep your family entertained for hours. Watch the latest episode of the best show on television, or get the best seat in the house for the newest movie releases with the same provider that gives you 3D magic and live action events. Through Pay Per View, you can watch the latest UFC fight or get the newest stand up routine from the funniest new comedian. One provider can deliver all of your programming needs to your door.

Xfinity offers family-friendly Parental Controls to keep your children on the parent-approved programming and channels you want them on. These Parental Controls can block channels or programming that you feel is too adult for your children. As they grow, you can adjust the Parental Controls to meet their new viewing needs. These controls are easy to use and cover the programming stored to the DVR/HD-DVR and the programming made available through channel selections. These controls allow you to get the programming you want, without exposing your children to something they shouldn't see. They work whether you are in the next room, or still sitting in traffic on your way home from work.

Xfinity has the latest technology, the best viewing options and the best prices for the quality of service you can get. It has everything your family needs for an enriching and rewarding home viewing experience.