Device driver issues

Any issue with the system device driver and this will lead you to the beautifully sad blues, blue screen filled with some message and code and progress number. This is what BSoD or Blue Screen Of Death Looks like. This simply stops Windows from loading. You will face this if something happened to the Windows that it cannot recover from it. BSoD is not really occur only due to an issue with the device driver but typically this is one of the reasons for it.

Installation of a new device

The very first thing, try to maintain your composure and not to toss the system out of the window but read the message and instructions carefully. This message is supposed to tell you the file which caused this error and will tell you to take some guided action.

Most often, BSoD occurs anytime you install a new device and then try to run the system. In such case, simply take the device out of the system and reboot. See if the problem is gone or still persist. If the Windows loads fine, immediately head over to the official website of the device manufacturer. Any newly device with such disaster is unacceptable and the manufacturer should have caught this issue before releasing it in the market. Then again, it is technical stuff, you never know when something goes wrong even though it was tested well or sometimes a faulty stuff come out after the device has been released. In such case, the manufacturer either release an update or will simply replace your device with a replacement device.

A black screen

Note, there is also another kind of of erroneous display, now this will be a black screen. This generally is caused by a faulty video driver. Good thing is you will get some message and probably direction as well that what you can do from that point.

System freezing

There is another sign you may have is, the system freeze ups when on the Windows logo and never make it past that point. You again wanna try the advanced startup options. Device drivers can mess with linux systems too. In linux, this called Kernel panic. The fix for this problem in Linux is the same as Windows and look for solution on the manufacturer’s website. You will most likely to find an update which contains the code that directly gets installed into the kernel of the operating system. These updates for drivers are typically called the kernel modules.

Hardware issues

Any faulty hardware can create a kernel panic in both macOS and Linux and totally ruin the system from operating smoothly. Typically, a kernel panic in a macOS often comes on with a black and gray-ish screen of death and something you do not wanna face. Technically, this screen in terms of macOS is called Spinning Wheel of Death /SPoD. The fix is the same as linux and Windows mentioned above but the good thing is for macOS, this is not as terrible as a BSoD.

Keeping these in mind in such disastrous time, can save you some time and money.