The rules of professional communication through messengers

Nowadays almost any company is using one of the most popular messengers as a mean of communication with their clients as well as a form of communication  between co-workers.

The best way to use chats on messengers is for resolving some small issues which require a rapid reaction. it is not recommended to rely on messengers and chats completely as this form of communication has a range of serious disadvantages. This article will give you several ideas for making the most of this modern option available to companies, their workers and clients.

Keep your messages as short as possible

It will be a way more easier to communicate with others through messengers if the texts are kept pretty short and condensed with information rather than empty words or emojis. While some people find it easier to send a flood of short messages one after another, others are just afraid that one single message with important information is left unnoticed. In practice, it is better to repeat the same message if you get no reaction to it rather than overwhelm people with a huge amount of small texts without any particular sense.

It is also a very good practice to prefer using links to images or videos in case you need to explain something by giving a description.

Use a professional style on messengers

It might seem that a messenger allows people to communicate with their co-workers in a more relaxed way which is absolutely not the case. The style of communication should still be professional and neat so it is not advised to use various emojis or slang. You should also be particularly careful with anything you are telling through this means of communication. As you can imagine, unlike live communication, texting allows people to make screenshots of some of your messages, so it is better not to send anything which would show you as an unprofessional person or be used against you in the future.

Even if you feel that a part of your colleagues are your friends, any discussions with a casual style should be held in a separate chat. It is even better to use one messenger for your work and a separate one for private communication.

Read your messages carefully before sending them

It will be very helpful to check the messages before sending them thoroughly. Of course, the very first possible problem has already been discussed above. You are now aware of the fact messages can just not be composed in a professional way.

Another possible issue is the ambiguity of your messages or a pretty vague content. It is highly recommended to get straight to the things you would like to learn from another person with your messages and keep the message coherent.

One more thing you want to avoid is sending a message with autocorrection. Sometimes this functions is pretty helpful changing the words with mistakes automatically into the ones without any flows. At the same time, the function is also capable of changing entire words into something you have never thought of sending to your boss or client. You should remember about this fact and, even though messengers are supposed to be used for quick exchange of information, you should still take a moment and give the message a final check.