What is the best way of congratulating people online on private events?

Congratulating people in a successful way goes a way beyond digital cards with roses and poems which can be downloaded everywhere. This article will teach you how to really make great wishes for other people and not to put either yourself or others in an awkward position online.

Make sure the private event is really celebrated by a person

Once you understand what kind of an event it is exactly, you should think whether the person you would like to congratulate on it is celebrating it. For example, the day of retirement can be viewed as something amazing by some people while for others it might be a pretty sad event.

Make sure the you can congratulate on a private event publicly

The best way to congratulate people on private events is in a private way by writing to them directly. This is the safest way to express your warm wishes as some people actually do not feel comfortable about sharing private information on social networks.

In case you really want to publish something on the profile of another person publicly, you should make sure this person has already made the information public in the first place. This is particularly crucial for such events as finding a new job, getting engaged or giving a birth to a child. If you cannot see posts informing about such events on the profile of a person, you should not congratulate the one publicly. This might be a secret so far.

Thus, as you can see the safest option will be reserving congratulations on private events for private messages.

Birthday wishes

When it comes to birthdays, it is quite popular for the users of social networks to create a specific post. Such a post can be used for making wishes in the comment section and, in the majority of cases, people who create such public posts actually expect anyone willing to congratulate them to do it in comments. For that reason, before you write a separate post with your wishes, you should check first whether there is a post for all of the wishes and only afterwards write your own one as a separate post.

In addition to it, there is one more crucial rule for saying Birthday wishes online. Certainly, you have been receiving notifications about the upcoming birthdays of the people eon your friend list. Still, you do not have to treat such information seriously. No one really expects you to wish Happy Birthday if you do not really know this person. It is highly recommended to simply ignore such notifications instead of writing a plain text with the “Happy Birthday” wish or making it more advanced by sending a ready text with wishes.

Congratulate people in a personalised way

Certainly, you have been receiving digital Birthday cards with poetic wishes all of which look absolutely the same. May be the pictures used for these cards are beautiful and the wishes are actually nice, but is it a good way of telling another person how important he or she is for you? Such wishes are deprived of attention as you can download a card within a couple of seconds or even use the ones you yourself have already received which is an even worse practice.

Just imagine what you feel when you get such a card from someone else. Even if it is sent by your technophobe parent who has actually struggled with the Internet and all of the functions of smartphone to find it, download it and send it to you, it still feels like someone just did not want to spend time on making any special congratulation specifically for you. Other people have the same feelings about such wishes so you should not make the same mistake.

If you want to make a personalised text for a congratulation, you can use many options. For example, you can mention the exact dream of this particular person. Another great way to let another person these wishes have been created exactly for him or her is by expressing your gratitude for something this person is doing so that your life becomes more wonderful. Additionally, you can mention some of the past experience which both of you had together. Finally, you can also mention your inner joke.

Such wishes will be a way more valuable than a copied text created by someone else even if it is placed on a picture with roses and has a structure of a poem.