What programmes can you try if your system fails to format a USB flash drive?

The most obvious way of fixing problems occurring in flash drive such as an inability of opening the device in the system, reading or writing information or suddenly seeing your device having lost all of its memory capacity is formatting it. For that purpose, you can use a standard formatting programme which is already built into your system. Unfortunately, in some situations, it might not be enough and you will need to reach for some other programmes.

That is when you will find this article useful. Check the variety of free tools for formatting USB flash drives which have a greater functionality than standard programmes built into your operation system.

Kingstone Format Utility

If it happens that the flash drive you are struggling with is the product of the Kingstone brand, you can try a special programme dedicated specifically to the memory devices produced by this brand. Kingstone Format Utility is a way more efficient than standard formatting programmes coming with an operating system. This programme will help you to fix the majority of problems typical for the Kingstone flash drives. In addition to it, the programme can even format devices which have a special security system protecting them against writing.

MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard is actually one of the most popular tools when it comes to working with Windows and there is nothing strange in it since this programme has a variety of advantages over the alternatives. For example, it efficiently divide the storage place, clone the partitions and format them. Unlike the majority of formatting programmes, MiniTool Partition Wizard is working with a large variety of file systems including such ones as exFAT and Ext4.

You can use MiniTool Partition Wizard also for complete removal of all of the information stored. Creation of boot discs is also supported by this programme.


If the system of your computer cannot see your flash drive or something weird is going on with the device showing you that there is 0 MB of storage, you might need a special tool for formatting. This is a situation when you can find EzRecover handy, however, you should be aware of the fact this programme is compatible only with the Windows operating system.

By the way, you can use such a programme also for dealing with flash drives which are recognised by your computer as Security Devices.

SD Card Formatter

While the majority of powerful tools used for formatting flash drives are specific to a particular operating system, there is a programme which can be used with both macOS and Windows. It is possible because the programme is using a more advanced system based on optimised algorithms working with memory space of devices. The difference between the productivity of SD Card Formatter and standard formatting programmes available in operating systems is huge, so you certainly can rely on it in the case of any problems.

The list of functionality of SD Card Formatter is pretty long including recognition of damaged flash drives, fixing errors with reading and writing, the possibility of formatting and compete removal of any data.