Taking care of your monitor

Although it looks like you do not have to do anything special with your monitor, you might actually be willing to know how to preform the procedures described in this article.

Opening an LCD monitor

Be very careful if you plan to open up the LCD for some reason. You may find the inverter quite shocking.

For, First, it is powered by intense high-voltage electrical circuit that may show you why it is so shocking. These inverters sometimes tend to hold the electrical charge for few minutes from the time you unplug the monitor.

So, in such case of opening up a monitor, make sure to wait a few minutes at least 10 minutes before you open it up. Second, inverters can get super hot and can give you burning, true, sensation. These are serious threat. Always wait a few minutes after you plug out the monitor and then dive in. Also, not only you will find the inverter shocking but inverter itself find you quite shocking since you may damage the inverter, if you find the inverter shocking.

To conclude this, you can find there are companies who sell replacement parts for LCDs but repairing an LCD is quite difficult. There are people who will do it for you faster and quite cheaper than you can. In such case you need to search for companies who has people who specializes in LCD technology. There are plenty of such companies out their all over the world.

Dealing with High-Resolution Monitors

High-resolution monitors offer one of the finest visuals you can get in the market. But they can make various screen elements such as buttons, menus and other stuff for navigating operating systems and applications too small for some viewers. Note that LCD monitors have a native resolution and if you go above or below the native resolution, the picture will degrade. Unfortunately, most people do that because it makes their screen looks bigger as well as the elements. That is nowhere near the solution.

The best and proper way to deal with such requires adjustments via the display settings or display applet (Win 8/8.1). Each and every version of Windows allows to make adjustments of the elements size directly from the operating system services, which makes the screen element go bigger. The resolution does not change but the size of the elements change. Go to display settings or display applet. There you will find a drop down menu under ‘Make everything bigger’ section under display in Windows 10. Typically this setting is set to 100% (recommended) but feel free to adjust them that fits your need.

Cleaning monitors

As for keeping your monitor clean, always use an antistatic monitor wipes or at least a general antistatic cloth. Microfiber cloth works fantastic in this case. Some of the LCD monitors may require special cleaning equipment. Never ever use window cleaners that contains ammonia or any liquid because if the liquid gets into the LCD, you will have another shocking experience! Lot of commercial cleaning solutions also melts older LCD screens. Watch out!

All of these discussed here might give you some good heads up. As you can see there will be times when your newly purchased monitor will start to act strange. In such cases, now you know the things you can do by yourself without really getting your wallet out for calling in a tech. Also, your monitor needs cleaning and maintenance as well. Apply what is shared here and you should be good. Any case, none of these works out for you, simply call in or see a professional tech.